In my early 20’s, I was working as a paralegal in the Boston area, planning to attend law school. After 2 long years, in a very linear job, I realized that before I jumped into a 3 year commitment to attain my law degree, I would take a break and travel. A decision was made. I would backpack around Australia and New Zealand, then come home and tackle my educational endeavors.

Once I arrived in Australia, it became clear to me that I had an adventurous spirit that needed to be fulfilled much more than attending school. I hit the ground running… exploring, working in outback cattle stations, milking dairy cows, signing on as crew on sailboats. All the while meeting inspiring people along the way. My little vacation in the South Pacific turned into one adventure after another. I hiked through Peru and Bolivia, where I met fascinating artisans, who created amazing art and clearly loved their work. I then ended up deciding to travel over to southeast Asia to experience a culture and lifestyle very foreign to the one in which I was raised. It was the time I spent in northern Thailand and parts of Indonesia where my eyes were opened to my interest in creating jewelry. In these parts of the world, I wandered through villages of craftsmen and women, creating beautiful, intricate beads. Finding unique beads and stones became a hobby. As I started putting these finds together, I realized my true passion was found in creating jewelry.

Coincidentally, another intense love of mine was hiking and being in the mountains.

In my new found quest to pursue what I truly loved in my heart, I returned to the United States and started a hiking business in Aspen, Colorado. It was on the beautiful trails in the Roaring Fork Valley, where I found more enthusiasm for the beauty of stones and began making more and more jewelry. On hikes, my clients would inquire about seeing my jewelry designs, and soon started purchasing my pieces. As a single mother of 2 small children, I realized that I had the talent, passion, and energy to create a business that would support my family.

I applied to the Aspen Farmers Market in 2005, a very high end, an eclectic market that attracted visitors every Saturday, from all over the world. I was accepted into the market, and that is when my business really launched. What started out as a 10×10 booth with a small table carrying 20 of my creations, soon exploded into a venue where I created customs pieces for my growing customer base throughout the country. I realized my talent was not only in creating pieces for people but also in showing them how to layer them with other pieces to create a unique statement.


I sell my jewelry throughout the country in stores and at private trunk shows. You can also find my jewelry booth in the Crested Butte Farmers Market every Sunday in the summer between the 2nd week of June through the 2nd week in October. I love the one on one contact with my customers and having the opportunity to design beautiful custom creations for them.

Each piece is handcrafted and limited edition, made with exotic gemstones and pearls, and wire wrapped by hand with 18KT gold, sterling silver, or gold vermeil wire. Rebecca’s adornments are suitable for every occasion and available in every price range.

For a chance to work with Rebecca to design a one-of-a-kind piece, order wholesale, or host a trunk show, please call 1-970-618-3526. To receive notice of new adornments, special events and discounts, please submit your email address below to join our mailing list. We will never sell your information, and promise not to spam you. You get birthday and anniversary discounts too!